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Enduring Backpacks for Every Occasion

The need to carry supplies in the outdoors hasn’t changed since pack sacks, knapsacks, and Trapper Nelson backboards first appeared in the Filson catalog more than a century ago. What has changed is backpack materials and design.

The classic Filson Rucksack combines classic design with two of the strongest natural-fiber materials available, Filson signature Rugged Twill and Bridle Leather. The versatile Journeyman is a waxed canvas backpack combining heritage material and modern design. This canvas backpack is highly water-resistant, comfortable to carry, and features a padded pocket to protect a laptop.

Scientific advances have made possible fully waterproof backpacks for use in foul weather and water sports. Filson Dry Bag Backpacks are built with the same construction as whitewater rafts to ensure your gear stays dry, even if it gets fully submerged.

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