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Over their 50-year legacy, Filson Jac-Shirts have been called many names–a shirt, a jacket, an overshirt, a shacket, a shirt jacket, a shirt-jac. Regardless of what you call them, our Jac-Shirt’s versatile field wear, unmatched durability, and iconic, classic style go accepted without debate.

Since the introduction of the Jac-Shirt in the 1970s, we’ve expanded the Jac-Shirt legacy to a number of jac-shirt styles in various materials and weights to provide purpose-built utility for the job at hand. The original Seattle Wool Jac-Shirt delivers the classic warmth of a jacket with the cut of a shirt. If you’re wanting something warmer, we have our Mackinaw Wool Jac-Shirt styles, Lightweight Down Jac-Shirt, and Fleece-Lined Jac-Shirts. We also have lighter-weight shirt jacket variations like the cotton Deer Island Jac-Shirt and CPO Wool Jac-Shirt.

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